What Is Lighthouse Thinking?

As COVID 19 continues to disrupt businesses, we have decided to codify everything we know about Business Transformation and to put it online.

This comprehensive account of how to do good transformations will be available soon, covering every aspect of what we have learned about creating a good flow of value.

From transformation sprints to value discovery, value management and value delivery, we will spell it all out.

We hope you’ll join in with feedback and questions and help us make this the most useful body of knowledge out there for creating and delivering value.

Want to be part of the set up? Then contact us now to get an invite. 

Our goal is to use our online body of knowledge to help train people, create a Community for sharing amongst each other and to help people on a consulting basis through content, video and audio.

For a new era and a new way of doing value and effective transformations.

The Lighthouse

At the core of Lighthouse Thinking is a reference project or product development which allows you to scale down a complex problem and skill up to address it. This is the start of the move towards a new operating model

Transformation Sprints

In just 3-4 weeks, a transformation sprint helps you to determine your current “As-Is” state and to define your “To-Be” target and then sets out a small steps strategy to achieve it


Ensures that you are working on the right things in order to truly become customer centric and discover opportunities to grow the business


Refocusing your portfolio of work, removing waste and moving towards the real goals of the company will make you more nimble and free up resources to work on a remodelling the business


Getting value delivered into your ecosystem of Customers and Partners is key. Your current delivery methodology doesn’t necessarily have to change but it can be enhanced by new ways of working

The Flow Operating Model

Real transformation doesn’t start with agile or digital. It starts by understanding your business operating model and constantly regenerating it